Ann-Margaret L.
By admin | February 17, 2017

Up front: Armand is not about up selling. It’s all about what you want. Your vision of what you want your event to be. He is profesional and a man with enough experience to know what you want with just a quick run through of your venue.
That is some righteous skills!
Our wedding venue was my sister in laws back yard. It’s quite spacious and very green. We knew what we wanted. Armand just looked at the place and with a wave of his hand said. “YES. I see it.” That was pretty much it.
It was late September 2016 and hot. None the less, Armand worked all morning the day of, in heat, to make it the most spectacular event ever!
Armand is a man of few words but knows what he needs to do. He is professional and will make your event sparkle.