Tents / Canopy

Our top quality tents are perfect for weddings, parties, events and special occasions.

We carry a wide range of Tents for your parties. We provide tent rentals in Los Angeles, tent rental in orange county, tent rentals in San Diego. We carry the following size tents:

10×10 tent rentals 10×20 tent rentals 10×30 tent rentals 10×40 to 10×100 tent rentals

20×20 Tent Rental 20x30Tent Rental 20×40 Tent Rental 20×50 to 20×100 tent rentals

Tent Rental 30×40 Tent Rental 30×50 to 30×100 tent rentals

tent Rental 40×40 Tent Rental 40×50 Tent Rental 40×60 Tent Rental—-40×120

We have the following options as far as side walls for tents: All white Side Walls Clear Side Walls