Chiavari Chairs-Ghost Chairs-Napoleon Chairs-White Resin Chair-Barstool Chairs-Throne Chairs

At Star Event Productions we carry many different styles of chairs and colors. The styles of chairs we carry include: chiavari chairs-napoleon chairs-victorian ghost chairs-dior chairs-throne chairs.

Whether it is a wedding, birthday, bar mitzvah or a get together, we have the right chairs for you! We rent the chiavari chairs in the following colors: gold chiavari chairs, silver chiavari chair rentals, mahogany chiavari chair rentals, as well as, white resin chairs, black barstool chairs . Our chairs are well maintained and high quality with great prices! We provide chiavari chair rentals in los angeles-chiavari chair rentals in orange county-chiavari chair rentals in san diego and santa barbara areas.